Licensed Packaging and Product Design
8-up Cards for In-Classroom Exchange • Cards re-formatted for each product type including, but not limited to...
Showcase • Temporary Tattoos • Lenticular • Pencils • Erasers • Puzzles • Envelopes • Stencils • Novelty Heart Packaging with Stickers • Punch-out Wearable Masks • Sticker Treats Polybag with Exchange Boxes + Stickers • Scented Bookmarks • Scented Temporary Tattoos • and More

I've been creating Minions Licensed Valentines since 2012. Chances are, if you've ever handled a Minion Valentine (or Easter Egg Dye Kit), I made it. It continues to be one of my favorite licenses to work on—every year has fun, new, high-quality artwork.

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